Gentle Way Acupuncture 
                         “acupuncture a gentle way”

Gentle Way Acupuncture:

Enjoy fully licensed, personally tailored acupuncture, herbal and whole body care following the traditional way.  We offer in home, Chinese medicine based health and wellness care throughout Culver City & Santa Monica.

           Your Body Can Be a Great Place to Live!

Did You Know?

The Official Laws and Regulations Governing Worker’s Compensation Medical Treatment Guidelines for Acupuncture state:

“Acupuncture is used as ... an adjunct to physical rehabilitation and/or surgical intervention to hasten functional recovery.”  In Worker’s Compensation Law, no other medical therapy is described as hastening functional recovery  (ie: actually speeding healing time and recovery).  This is a tremendous distinction and honor awarded to Acupuncture by one of the most conservative legislative bodies that mandate payment to professions based on functional recovery outcome.  The point?  Acupuncture works!  How can we help you today?

Curious About How Acupuncture Can Help You?

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